Acne Cream is the second episode of Pubertina.


Pubertina is lying on her bed, writing in her diary, when the door bell rings. Her mom calls, "Pubertina! The pizza man's here!" Pubertina rushes down the stairs and finds the pizza, only for her to imagine it coming to life and calling her "Pizza Face" and laughing at her. She starts to beat the pizza up, saying, "That's the last time you call me Pizza Face, pizza." Her sister, Xtina, shows up behind her and asks what happened to the pizza. Pubertina avoids the subject by complimenting her face. Xtina says she's been using a "really hard to come by, really expensive" acne cream. She then tells Pubertina to touch her face. At first she hesitates, but Xtina grabs her hand and puts it to her face, and says, "It's smooth. Like a baby's butt smooth." This gives Pubertina an idea, and she slithers away. Xtina asks where she's going, and Pubertina replies, "Goodbye, Christina!" Xtina corrects her, and says, "Um, it's with an X, Xtina." Later, Pubertina is walking down the street, when Xtina's words dawn on her. "Really expensive, really hard to come by..." Pubertina looks at the money in her hands, and realizes she only has a few dollars and a quarter. Her thoughts are interrupted by a boy calling out, "Hey there, weird looking girl!" He asks if she's looking to clear up her Pizza Face, and introduces his "top of the line acne cream." He explains how it works, "You just spread it on your face, and all your zits will probably go away." Pubertina asks, "Wait, did you just say Acne Cream?" He tells her that he sells it by the tube, but for Pubertina's sake, he'll put on a glove and spread the cream on her forehead, which he says is "particularly ridden with zits." He gives her a price, $50, but that he'll reduce the price to $48. Pubertina says she only has a few dollars, and starts to leave, but the boy says that he'll take whatever money she has. The next day, Pubertina walks onto the playground and asks if anyone notices anything different about her. Her crush, Andrew, tells her she looks the same way she did yesterday, only a bit more tan. Debs says, "Sorry to be the bellboy at the Heartbreak Hotel, but that there is definitely sunscreen." Disappointed, Pubertina tells Debs that she was robbed, and Debs says that she would know the sunscreen anywhere, because her brother uses it. The two spot the same boy that sold Pubertina the sunscreen, and they stuff a pizza in his face for revenge. The boy exclaims, "Anything but oil! I had Jeremy's Bar Mitzvah this weekend! There were gonna be so many tall girls there!"