Andrew is one of the minor protagonists of Pubertina.


Boy CrazyEdit


It was revealed that Pubertina asked him Andrew out 500 times and he never said yes. Pubes wrote a love letter and Andrew wrote back that he just wanted to be friends. This caused Pubertina's heart to rip out of her again but this time it died. Pubes then sang a song to Andrew but it is then revealed that he is gay. Pubes said that is was great and that they could be gay together but Andrew declines and that he meant that he likes boys. Later, he was teased about being gay and said Tommy was gay too.


  • Andrew is the only boy Pubertina had a crush on that hasn't had his last name revealed.
  • Andrew is the first person to have known to be gay. The second is Tommy. They both were said to be gay at the same time.