Boy Crazy is the fourth episode of Pubertina.


A group of boys is laughing at Pubertina's breasts, until Debs throws a ball at them and says, "She's a human being!" She then turns to Pubertina and tells her not to let the boys get to her, but she isn't listening. Pubertina is daydreaming about her crush, Andrew, who is throwing a ball at a wall. He then gets hit in the face by the ball and falls to the ground with a black eye. Pubertina collapses, and her heart bursts out of her chest and starts singing. Pubertina's got a crush on that boy

I got a feeling I'm the heart he'll destroy

Pubertina's got a crush on that boy

Pubertina musters the courage to ask Andrew out, but he responds, "Don't you get it, 'Tina? Dating is for teenagers. We're too young."

Pubertina and Debs are in her room, with Pubertina on her bed telling Debs about her day, and Debs on the computer. Debs tells Pubertina that the boys at school are immature, and that if she wants a real boyfriend, she'll have to broaden her scope. She starts instant messaging a man whose username is "StalkerJoe," and he asks Pubertina what her bra size is. She and Debs have a short conversation on what to tell him, and they decide on "Still Growing." The man then asks what Pubertina is wearing, in which Debs says, "He really appreciates those small details." While Pubertina is typing her response, the man sends her a picture. Pubertina and Debs freak out, saying how exciting receiving the picture is going to be. When the picture finishes downloading, both girls become disgusted, saying things like, "My mother was right, I shouldn't talk to people on the internet," and "Oh my innocence." They start talking about things little girls like to play with, like plastic jewelry and dolls, to try to get their minds off of the picture. Later, Debs is in Pubertina's bed, and Pubertina sneaks back to the computer to look at the picture.