Deb is the detueragonist of Pubertina.

Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Family Mother, Devin Nitley (cousin)
Friends Pubertina, Andrew, Rusty Sprinkler, Menstrualine
Enemies Devin Nitley
Nicknames Debs
Cartoon Appearances Pubertina
Species Human
Age 9


Rusty SprinklerEdit

Acne CreamEdit

Deb's Obsession Part 1Edit

Deb serves as the primary protagonist of this episode. Deb had began to hate herself for forgetting her friend, Pubertina's favorite color. She tries to kill herself with a gun but Pubertina stops her, not minding about her forgetting her favorite color. Deb tried to check Pubertina's mood cycles by asking her when was here last period. She answered today so Deb but a drop on the 2nd of March. Deb said that it was the seventh aniversary month of her friendship with Pubertina. Pubertina asked if it is but Deb told her not to be silly and that they have spent a lot of time together. Deb was seen showing Pubertina a book of what happened in their friendship and laughed a lot when a pic of Deb with poop on her butt was shown. Pubertina was shown to be getting creeped out and told her she thought they needed to take a break and said that she needed to go. Deb's mom asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner but she just left making Deb cry. This is a cliffhanger to what their friendship would be like.

Deb's Obsession Part 2Edit

Deb finds Pubertina sitting with her "new friend", Rebs (short for Rebecca), implying that the two broke up as friends. Deb got very mad and pissed off and told Pubertina that she made a new friend too, called Doris, and that she has a sticker collection. Then she stormed off angrily to her house. Deb started making fun of Pubertina's tampons during puberty, disgusting a boy (possibly her brother). A woman was talking on the phone with Deb in the background in a bad feeling. It turned out that Doris is real and tried to show Deb new stickers only to be rejected by her. She later cries when she takes Pubes' tampons and later cries alone in the slide with Pubes sneaking up to her. Later, Pubertina said that their break is over and that she and Rebs were playing dodgeball and a guy called Johnny threw a ball at her and possibly died. Later, Pubes says she had to change her tampon making Deb worry. Pubertina asks Deb if she took her tampon but Deb declines and both agree that Pubes was being crazy. However, her butt was bleeding.



At the end, Deb had started to go through puberty causing her to panic in the credits.


  • Deb is the second deuteragonist of a series to star as the main character of an episode. The first is Suzie, who was the main character of Mate Selection and Veganism.
  • Deb's last name is possibly Nitley.