Deb's Obsession Part 1 is the seventh episode of Pubertina.


In a bedroom, Debs is talking to Pubertina about a friendship bracelet she made, saying, "Ripple and purple? Ripple and PURPLE? What was I thinking? You wanted Ripple and Orange! Well, I'll just have to start all over again." Pubertina tells her that she's not a "friendship bracelet snob" and tells her that it's okay. Debs continues to beat herself up over the mistake, and takes out a gun, puts it to her head, and almost pulls the trigger before Pubertina tells her to get a hold of herself.

At lunch, Pubertina and Debs are sitting together, when Debs asks when was Pubertina's last period. Pubertina spits out her food out of shock, and asks why Debs would need to know that. Debs gives a plausible reason, that if they want to keep an eye on her moods, then they need to chart her menstrual cycles. Pubertina accepcts this, and tells Debs that she got her period on that same day. Debs draws a red teardrop on her calendar to mark the start of Pubertina's menstrual cycle, and tells Pubertina, "Maybe by the end of the day, we'll seal it with a real teardrop."

Debs is pacing around a room, reminding Pubertina that it's their seven month anniversary of their friendship. Pubertina is at first confused, but Debs laughs at this, and thinks Pubertina is joking. She goes on to say that, through the course of their friendship, they've been through a lot; mostly Pubertina's entrance into womanhood, which she describes as "quite the rollercoaster ride." Debs says that she's enjoyed every moment of it. She then pulls a scrapbook chronicling Debs' and Pubertina's friendship. They are later seen looking at the scrapbook, with Debs pointing to a picture of her with poop all over the back of her pants, reminiscing about the time they first met, when Debs still wasn't potty trained. Debs starts laughing hysterically, but Pubertina keeps a straight face, and becomes somewhat creeped out by Debs' behavior. She then points to something in the scrapbook and notices something disgusting before asking Debs about it. Debs tells Pubertina that it's her first used tampon. This further creeps out Pubertina, and she finally tells Debs that she thinks they need to take a break from their friendship. At first, Debs thinks it's Pubertina's period talking, but she assures her that it's not. Debs starts to cry, and Pubertina leaves, even after Debs' mom asks if she wants to stay for dinner. Walking away from Debs' house, Pubertina hears Debs crying out for her and asking what she did wrong to end their friendship.


  • This episode is set on the 2nd of March.