Jimmy is a child who is the main protagonist of Do's & Don'ts.

Gender Male
Hair color Blondish Brown
Eye color Black
Relationship Gidget (one sided on his side), Susie (one sided on her side)
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Vicky, Clifford (possibly), Pigmantius
Nicknames Kiddy
Cartoon Appearances Do's & Don'ts
Species Human


Hiding a BodyEdit

Mate SelectionEdit

Jimmy had the role of the deuteragonist of the episode and the Narrator told him that the only think standing between him and the woman of his dreams is the video game controller. Jimmy had frequently insulted Susie that she had kooties but Clyde and Jacob corrected him. Later, Jimmy tried to win Gidget over while on the swings but was told that he is invisible in her world due to playing too many video games. He was told to buy her stuff and Jacob said "like Clifford here". However, Jimmy told Jacob that he has got brain damage but he thought that meant he was a good listener. Soon Jimmy saw a hot Susie and said that she would torture them if they laugh. Susie tried to flirt with Jimmy by giving him a picture of macaroni but Gregory took it instead.


The GymEdit

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Deserted IslandEdit