LaBarbeque, aka Okie Dokie, is the tritagonist of Do's & Don'ts.

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Family Mother, Father
Friends Jimmy, Susie, Gregory, Jacob, Lil Wayne
Nicknames Okie Dokie
Cartoon Appearances Do's & Don'ts


Mate SelectionEdit

LaBarbeque appears in the background on the swing watching Jimmy trying to win Gidget over. He was also shocked at Susie's beauty and when Jimmy looked at him, he said "No!". Jimmy made no bad comments about LeBarbecue showing that he might have at first liked LaBarbeque before Race Relations.

Race RelationsEdit


LaBarbeque serves as the main protagonist of this episode, possibly due to Jimmy still being stuck on the deserted island. It is revealed that his dad wanted him to be a rapper but LaBarbeque didn't want to be one. So the Jacob tried to convince him to become one and when he told him that he should change his name to a cool name, LeBarbecue said "Okie Dokie". However, even though that wasn't his choice, the narrator accepted it, confusing LeBarbecue. Later, the narrator told LeBarbecue that they next had to think of a hit single. LaBarbeque said "Scratch and Sniff" but this time, he really meant it and the narrator accepted it and learnt gossip. After his single, he was on the phone with a sandwitch in his hand and started saying "sh*t" a lot on the phone, to his mother, in front of a couple of ladies. Later, LaBarbeque ran into an FBI agent and gets arrested but is then told that every rap artist goes to jail at some point. LaBarbeque also wrote a script called The Wedding Clown which is a play showing a wedding which has also got a clown and a girl who is afraid of clowns. She has to conquer her fear and marry the clown. The narrator then tells LaBarbeque that he is worth one million dollars but he also tells him to go f**k himself.


LaBarbeque is first seen on Jimmy's posiible Facebook page saying that he will see him at juvie, showing that he too had gotten arrested. He is later seen in jail, proving that he is arrested, talking to Jimmy.