Ruff Ruff's Dilemma is the fifth episode of Pubertina.


Pubertina is lying in her bed, whispering words in her sleep, when her teddy bear, Toodles climbs out from underneath her. Toodles wakes Pubertina up, and when she asks what's wrong, Toodles replies, "It's Ruff Ruff! He's blowing bubbles again." Too upset to continue, Toodles motions for Pubertina to follow her to the bathroom, where they find Ruff Ruff sitting on the toilet seat, blowing bubbles. Pubertina asks Ruff Ruff what's wrong, and he tells her that he feels empty inside, that he doesn't think he matters. A song starts to play.

Hey 'Tina

You don't need to be so scared

Cause Ruff Ruff

Will hurt anyone who frightens you

And I know he always wins his fights

Hey 'Tina

Still a little girl, it's true

And Ruff Ruff

Will kill anyone who touches you

He's got a brown belt in karate

Pubertina tells Ruff Ruff she needs to go to school, but warns him not to do anything "drastic." While at school, Pubertina watches the clock until it's time to go home. At home, Ruff Ruff pulls out a needle and thread from a drawer. When the bell rings, Pubertina rushes home, and Ruff Ruff seemingly strangles himself with the needle and thread. By the time she gets home, Toodles is crying, and Pubertina asks her where Ruff Ruff is. Toodles points in a direction, and Pubertina runs to Ruff Ruff, who is lying on the ground with stuffing coming out of his arm. Pubertina asks him why he did this to himself, and Ruff Ruff replies, "I...I like attention." Pubertina picks up Ruff Ruff and squeezes him, and then she tells him she sees them being together forever. She imagines still sleeping with Ruff Ruff when she's 25, and even 85. Ruff Ruff tells her she's a very strange little girl, and the licks her cheek affectionately.


* It is revealed that Pubertina's name is actually Tina.