Rusty Sprinkler is the first episode of Pubertina and the second episode of Shut Up! Cartoons.
Rusty Sprinkler


Pubertina is laying across her bed, telling her friend Deb how much she wants to be with Rusty Sprinkler, a teen pop sensation surprisingly similar to Justin Bieber. She sits up and asks Deb why they can't be together, in which Deb slaps her across the face and tells her to pull herself together. She tells Pubertina, "Look. We'll make a movie of you crying over him, slap it on the internet, and you'll get a ton of views." Pubertina hopefully asks, "Do you think Rusty Sprinkler will see it?" Deb replies, "When this baby goes viral, Rusty will be putty in your hands." It then cuts to Rusty Sprinkler watching the video, titled, "Another Girl Cries Over Sprinkler." He says, "Oh no, another girl's crying about me. I gotta go make her feel temporarily better." Pubertina is shown at school, where she is showing Deb her Rusty Sprinkler lunchbox, which has a picture of an actual rusty sprinkler on it. Deb asks if it's official merchandise, in which Pubertina tells her that "true fans make original Rusty Sprinkler creations." She is interrupted by Rusty Sprinkler himself, who is asking if there's a Pubertina around. When he finds her, he starts singing a song.

Girl, this one's for you

I didn't write it about you

But it's about you

It's kinda not about you

It's both about you, and not about you

Girl, your eyes

Are as blue as my hooded sweatshirt

Girl, you're always on my mind

For an eight year old, you're a flirt

Girl, your smile

Makes me think that you've had some braces

Girl, give me just one kiss

Your lips feel just like my mom's

This song's not about you

But I'll make it feel like it's about you

This song's not about you

But I'll make it feel like it's about you

Throughout the song, Pubertina corrects Rusty in the mistakes he makes about her, such as the face that she's 11, not 8, and that her eyes are not blue, but brown. After Rusty finishes singing, he leaves, saying, "Never give up! Peace ya'll." Pubertina is dazed and lying on the ground, and Deb says, "Now THAT is what dreams are made of." Pubertina (still dazed) asks Deb to pinch her, and when she does Pubertina starts to bleed.



  • This is the first episode to have someone's last name revealed.
  • This is the first episode to be named after someone.