Susie is the deuteragonist of Do's & Don'ts. She is a fat girl who is Jimmy's best friend, despite annoying him a lot.

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Relationship Jimmy (one sided on her side)
Friends Jimmy, Gregory, Jacob, LaBarbeque, Clyde
Enemies Vicky
Nicknames Kiddy
Cartoon Appearances Do's & Don'ts
Species Human
Likes Jimmy, Food, Maths, Chocolate, Eating
Dislikes Jimmy torturing her, Veganism, Vicky


Hiding a BodyEdit

Mate SelectionEdit

Jacob told Susie that the only thing standing in between her and the man of her dreams is the fried chicken she is eating. Jimmy also said that he didn't want to go out with Susie and said that in a game called "Kiss, Marry and Kill" everyone goes for kill to Susie making Susie sad. Despite her hunger and stupidity though, Suzie reveals that she is great at maths but Jacob told Susie that if she wanted to compete with Gidget then they have some work to do. Susie had stopped eating too much and grew lots of beauty and hotness. She also appears to be attracted to Jimmy.


Race RelationsEdit

Deserted IslandEdit


Susie was first seen commenting on Jimmy's possible Facebook page on that he was going to juvie liking the comment and felt sorry for him wishing him good luck. Susie is then seen in prison visiting Jimmy and giving him chocolate and showed more attraction to Jimmy, much to his dismay.

Starting a CultEdit

Ritualistic SacrificeEdit

Susie was shocked and mad at Jimmy for killing her dog.